Ecole Heritage volunteers ear provincial awards

Two committed volunteers of Ecole Heritage school in Falher have been honoured provincially for their dedicated service to their school and communities.
Diane Therriault of Donnelly and Carole Lavoie of St. Isidore recently received the Manon Bouthillier Award after being nominated by Ecole Heritage school council.
Awarded annually by the Federation of Francophone Parents of Alberta (FPFA), the two local ladies were honoured March 16 at a symposium in Edmonton.
“You are absolutely indispensable,” school council president Marjolaine Lavoie said in acknowledging these two valued volunteers.
“Their passion and determination have been the key ingredients in their success with the numerous school projects and community activities they have undertaken,” she said.
“In addition, both Diane and Carole generously offer their time to countless other community and extracurricular school activities in the Peace region,” said Lavoie.
She lauded both award-winning ladies for their valuable contributions.
Therriault’s active contributions to the Conseil Regionale Education Francophone (CREF) underscores the importance of preserving the French language.
Her grade 4-6 theatre troupe Les Petites Vedettes has entertained audiences for many years, and her leadership and work with the yearbook allows students to develop their skills in such aspects as group work, computers, photography, and visual arts.
Carole Lavoie has played a key role as Bingo coordinator for the past four years.
“As Bingo coordinator, she has been instrumental in allowing Francophone students the opportunity to participate in many beneficial cultural and linguistic activities,” said Lavoie.

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