Falher studies funding boost for economic officer

Town of Falher council will study expanding its economic and tourism development program.
Cost-shared with the Municipal District of Smoky River, Falher council has been requestedto increase its annual cost to $31,850 from $20,000.
The program would extend the services of Dan Dibbelt who has served as economic and tourism development officer since May 2001.
At its regular meeting June 3, council received a request to increase before Dibbelt outlined highlight of the position in the past year.
“The increase in operational net costs is due to a decrease in revenue from accumulated reserves,” said Falher Town Administrator Gerard Nicolet.
Since arriving, he has been kept busy working with various business and regional groups and events, and serving on numerous committees and organizations..
“It is believed that 85 per cent of economic development comes from within, and to do that, I spend numerous hours a week networking with area businesses to determine their needs and our role in filling these needs,” Dibbelt stated in a brief report.
He and the Falher and area economic development committee continue to work on several strategies to boost economic development in the region.
Falher council will further discuss the funding request before making a decision.
Dibbelt plans to present the same proposal to the Smoky River council.

Water conservation plan
Falher residents will soon be receiving information from the municipality to encourage and promote water conservation.
Alberta Environment has recently informed municipalities that they must have water-conservation plans in place for next year.
“We are already conserving water, although we don’t have a plan as such,” said public works foreman Ernie Marchildon.
For example, all water is metered, which is conservation, and the restructured fees reflects that people pay according to volume of use, he explained.
“The ultimate goal of a water-conservation plan is to reduce water usage,” stated the letter.
Council and the town will be developing a special brochure to be delivered with water bills, outlining various ways people can save water.
“We’ll be working on a conservation plan,” said administrator Nicolet.

Proposed well site
Two well sites and access roads west of Falher proposed by Devon ARL Corporation were given consent by council.
One site is located about 175 meters north from the Winagami-Girouxville Canal, with the other site about 1.5 kilometers northwest of the Falher public works yard.
These projects are subject to final approval by Alberta Environment, noted Nicolet.

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